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Investigating the magical world of performance, style and culture in the  Victorian and early 20th Century.

Latest Episode

Young Hitch


'That’s what happens to naughty little boys you see’. 

In this episode we delve into the lesser known early years of a director born at the tail-end of Queen Victoria’s reign. An eclectic mix of East End fish shops, circus, music hall and phobias! And we chat about Dr Jude’s forthcoming graphic novel based on the early influences on ‘Master of Suspense’ Alfred Hitchcock.


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   The Show

Montague & Tweed are researcher-artists of stage and audiovisual culture living in the long 19th century.

Dr Jude Montague and Heather Tweed met on twitter during the Covid lockdown of 2020.

They share a deep rooted love of 19th century music hall, costume and performance.

Both are artists, writers, and all round creatives committed to bringing overlooked Victorian and early 20th century characters to life in this deeply researched podcast...and beyond!

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Dr Jude Cowan Montague

Co-Host & Contributor

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Heather Tweed

Co-Host & Contibutor


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